Holger Fuhrmann - In Memoriam

Moss Lake Camp for Girls - In Memoriam Holger

Air Burners, Inc. Air Curtain FireBox Systems

Air Burners News & Notes

Electric Power Generating Air Curtain Burner

Trailer-Mounted FireBox "BurnBoss" Air Curtain Burner

Woody Debris Disposal by Fire - Combustion Efficiency and Black Carbon

Disposal of Trees Affected by the Pine Beetle - The Dilemma and why Air Curtain Burners Should Be Used

Air Curtain Burner vs. Wood Grinder Disposal of Wood Waste - A Comparison of CriticalEmissions and Basic Economic Parameters from Two Disposal Methods

Road & Runway Dryer by Road Dryer LLC


Cindy Hite Voiceovers

Retro Reel

The Magic Tree Video

The Kingdom of the Sea - About Exxon Oil Spill in Alaska

Coolwater Historic Foundation - Carter House

Palm Beach Private Investigations    Legal Video Now    Golden Drone

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